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Tax Saving options other than 80C

section 80C is the most notable arrangement of the Income Tax Act of 1961, under which a discount of up to Rs. 1.5 Lakh is allowed on a few advance items and other venture apparatuses. Notwithstanding, you ought to likewise know about various different instruments planning to decrease your available pay. The Income Tax Act keeps a few arrangements for assessments forms, an individual probably will not know about the guidelines at the same time. This can make them miss out on assets through excess assessment installments, lessening their yearly reserve funds individually. We expect to assist you with monitoring your complete available pay by portraying the different arrangements which are charge saving other than 80C more or less.

What is the different Tax Saving options Other than 80C?

Annual duty saving instruments other than 80C can be recorded under the accompanying demonstrations:

1. Premium Income Generated from Savings Account Deposits

  • Section - 80TTA
  • Breaking point – ₹10,000

Absolute premium pay created from investment account stores can be guaranteed under Section 80TTA. In any case, such derivation in available pay is simply restricted to ₹10,000 every year.

On the off chance that you keep up with various investment accounts in various banks, the absolute aggregate revenue is thought of and is burdened under 'pay from different sources.

On the off chance that such premium pay surpasses ₹10,000 in a year, just the abundance sum over the cap is charged at rates relying on total yearly pay.

2. Interest Component Paid Towards Education Loan

  • Section - 80E
  • Breaking point – No cutoff

Pay spent to meet the interesting part of instruction credits is not available under this segment. Such a schooling advance can be unstable or benefited against the guarantee, contingent on the measure of assets required.

Notwithstanding, it ought to be noticed that such waivers are just conceded for the initial 8 years of advance reimbursement. Any pay spent to meet the interest trouble past this time is available.

Training advances qualified for such allowances must be taken for the sake of the particular individual and can be used to meet the advanced education charges of one or the other-self, mate, or youngsters. It is one of the most famous duty-saving plans other than 80C.

3. Premium Payment Towards Health Insurance Policies

  • Section - 80D
  • Breaking point - Depends according to explicit conditions

Medical coverage for self and family (companion and ward children


For self and family + parent

₹25,000 + ₹25,000) = ₹50,000

For self and family (under 60 years) + Parents over 60 years of age

₹25,000 + ₹50,000 = ₹75,000

For self and family (with individuals over 60 years) + senior resident parents  ₹50,000+₹50,000) = ₹1,00,000

Arrangement for charge refund under Section 80D is reached out to wellbeing examination expenses also. You can guarantee a charge waiver on such expenses measuring up to ₹5,000 individually.

Such exception is comprehensive of the ₹25,000 refunds on health care coverage. This implies that individuals who have asserted ₹5,000 as their clinical examination costs are qualified for ₹20,000 refunds on premium charges.

4. Interest Component Paid Towards Home Loans

  • Section - 24(b)
  • Breaking point – ₹2 Lakh

 Interest installments on a home advance can be eliminated from personal assessment computations under this segment. In the event that the house is bought for home, a limit of ₹2 Lakh can be asserted as an expense refund on the financing cost, given the development is finished within five years of the advance residency.

On the off chance that you decide to let out the bought property on lease, no expense must be paid on the interesting part of the home credit individually.

5. Interests Component Paid Towards the Home Loans for the First Time Home-Buyers

  • Segment - 80EEA
  • Cutoff – ₹50,000 above benefits from Section 24(b)

First-time home-purchasers can guarantee extra interest benefits adding up to ₹50,000 above Section 24(b) on home credit EMIs, given the property estimation is under ₹45 Lakh. This viably clears a path for up to ₹2.5 Lakh charge saving other than Section 80C.

Notwithstanding, no earlier property ought to be enrolled under a candidates name while benefiting a home credit to be qualified for an expense refund on absolute pay spent on EMI installments under Section 80EEA.

6. Aggregate Assured on Maturity of Life Insurance Plans

  • Segment - 10(10D)
  • Cutoff – Entire development sum

The whole total guaranteed endless supply of disaster protection or unfavorable demise of a safeguarded individual can be asserted for charge refund under Section 10(10D).

Be that as it may, such demise advantage is excluded from charge computations in case it profited after first April 2012, and complete worth premium charges are not exactly the full total guaranteed.

In the event that the approach profited before first April 2012, the superior costs ought to be under 20% of the all-out total guaranteed to be qualified for waivers under section 10(10D).

7. House Rent Allowance Provided Under Salary Break-Up

  • Segment - 10(13A)
  • Breaking point – Specified conditions

This arrangement of the Income Tax Act takes into account tax cuts under house lease recompense (HRA), giving your compensation separate contains the HRA part. A complete exception conceded under this plan is the base worth of the accompanying:

Genuine yearly HRA dispensed.

half of the yearly compensation.

Yearly lease paid – 10% of fundamental pay.

8. House Rent Allowances Component Not Includes Under Salary Break-Up

  • Segment - 80GG
  • Cutoff – Specified conditions

On the off chance that your organization does exclude the HRA part in your compensation separation, you can guarantee exclusions on your complete available pay through Section 80GG. Such expense saving speculations other than 80C awards waivers up to the minimal worth of the recorded boundaries:

₹5,000 each month.

25% of the all-out yearly pay.

Yearly lease – 10% of the fundamental yearly pay.

9. Gifts to Charitable Organizations

  • Segment - 80G
  • Cutoff – No breaking point

Any pay given to altruistic associations is excluded from charge estimations totally under Section 80G. No restriction on such duty waivers are collected given exchanges have been made through banks.

Any money gifts are absolved from charge estimations for up to ₹2,000. Nonetheless, such commitments must be made in enlisted beneficent associations.

10. Gifts Made Towards Scientific Research and Rural Development

  • Section - 80GGA
  • Breaking point – No cutoff

In case gifts are made for logical exploration and rustic turn of events, charge waivers on the equivalent can be guaranteed under Section 80GGA.

100% of the pay spent is qualified for such derivations, given the exchange has been made through a ledger and is recorded.

11.  Gifts Made Towards Political Parties

  • Section - 80GGC
  • Breaking point – No cutoff

Gifts made to ideological groups are additionally charged with saving other than Section 80C. The whole commitment is waivered from charge estimations if it was made through wired bank moves.

Likewise, the ideological group to which such commitments were made must be enrolled under Section 29A of the Representation of People Act (RPA) of 1951.

12. Costs Incurred Towards Treatment of a Disabled Person

  • Section - 80DD
  • Breaking point:

₹75,000 for 40%-80% handicap

₹1,25,000 for higher than 80% handicap

People and Hindu Undivided Families (HUF) paying for the treatment and prosperity of an incapacitated relative can guarantee exceptions on all-out pay spent to cover such costs under Section 80DD.

As far as not really set in stone dependent on the level of handicap, wherein individuals having 40-80% inability are qualified for derivation up to ₹75,000.

Families facilitating an individual having incapacity higher than 80% can guarantee up to ₹1.25 Lakh comprehensive of every single related cost. Such cases are allowed distinctly to the group of such ward people.

13. Annual Tax Benefits Extended Towards Disabled Individuals

  • Section - 80U
  • Breaking point:

₹75,000 for 40%-80% incapacity

₹1,25,000 for higher than 80% incapacity

Impaired people can guarantee remuneration as assessment waivers under Section 80U. Such incapacity must be guaranteed by an enlisted clinical authority with essentially 40% impedance.

Weakened people experiencing 40-80% incapacity can guarantee ₹75,000, while individuals experiencing higher than 80% handicap are qualified for greatest ₹1.25 Lakh through tax cuts.

14. Costs Incurred Towards Treatment of Individuals With Specific Disease or Disability

  • Segment - 80DDB
  • Cutoff - ₹40,000 (₹1,00,000 for senior residents)

Individuals financing the treatment of ward relatives determined to have certain particular illnesses can guarantee charge waivers on resulting pay spent.

A limit of ₹40,000 is dispensed in such cases for people under the age of 60. Such waiver thus increments to ₹1 Lakh for senior residents (60-80 years) and very senior residents (over 80 years).

Such waivers can be gotten for the therapy of basic ailments like neurological sicknesses (causing 40% or higher handicap), dangerous malignancies, AIDS, persistent and  renal infection,

Along these lines, there are multiple ways to charge, saving other than Section 80C, which can adequately build your all-out abundance in the long haul. Most such apparatuses go about as a far-reaching venture device too; permitting acknowledging better yields or diminishing compulsory costs.

Till now, we have provided you the information about the Tax saving option rather than 80C. We have tried to put all matter inside this article, but there is always something that misses catching. You can visit the website for more interesting facts about it.


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