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Save Your Tax by Investing In Fixed Deposits

Every year, people who are getting themselves into the working fields are introduced to the taxation system in India. The citizens of India enjoy various resources and benefits provided by the government. It becomes a binding duty for every individual living and enjoying the resources in India to pay their share of taxes. People who have just got them working as professionals might not have high earnings from their work. This makes them less aware and less worried about the taxation system. But every year, as they grow a good set of skills within them, their business will eventually start to grow, which will make them counted under the eligible taxpayers. Also, they will no longer be exempted from the taxpayers (those who have an annual income of Rs 2.50 Lakh). Tax savings can prove to be of worth for a better career but only when they are done by means of tax savings provided by the government. The government being a well-wisher of the individuals, has introduced several tax savings schemes. These schemes require investing a certain amount in them for a particular period of time. In return, the investor can enjoy the benefits of tax savings along with earning money in the form of interest rates. So if a bit of investment can help you lower the tax burden for the coming years, you should plan your investment in these schemes as soon as possible.

Government-backed tax saving schemes

Tax saving is a procedure that almost every citizen sees as a burden on their shoulders and wants their tax savings to be lowered. But lowering the taxpaying in ways that are not considered legal in the government's eyes can lead to significant problems. So why not go with schemes introduced by the government itself to help you with the tax savings. Every taxpayer will lookout for the best scheme available for the purpose of tax savings.

For the sake of low-income individuals, the government introduces innovative schemes that can help them with tax savings. Some of the most popular government-backed schemes are:

• Fixed deposits

• National savings scheme

• Senior citizen savings scheme


• Equity-linked saving schemes

These are amongst the most beneficial and the most suitable schemes for every low and high-income Indian citizen. These schemes enjoy exception from taxpaying by deduction of total income from the money invested in them. These can be trusted and are valid under the government as are passed under the income tax laws.

We will discuss one of the most famous tax savings schemes, Fixed Deposits (FD). We have gathered information to help you clarify the terms and policies, advantages, procedures, and everything you need to know about the Fixed Deposit tax saving scheme.

Fixed Deposit (FD) Account

The fixed deposit accounts are a part of tax-saving investment schemes offered by various banking and financial institutions. Under this account, the investors are required to pay a certain amount that can be in a lump sum. On the amount invested by them under this scheme, they will get a fixed rate of interest that may vary from different banking institutions for the fixed tenure of the scheme.

At the end of the tenure, the investor can withdraw his earned amount with an earned interest. Also, the Fixed Deposits offer higher rates of interest compared to many other available saving schemes. The amount made by them in the form of interests can also be used as a re-investment. You can re-invest this money for another term of the scheme.

You can open your Fixed Deposits account by visiting any of your nearby banking or financial institution. However, you are suggested to check on the interest rates and benefits you will be provided by choosing different banking institutions. By investing in the fixed deposit account, you can get the following advantages:

• Lowered taxpaying: The amount invested by you in fixed deposits will be exempted from your total income, thus reducing your total amount to be paid as tax.

• Interest earned: The investor enjoys making a particular amount by means of interest rates provided by different banking institutes.

• Safety of your money: Fixed deposits help you in tax savings and earning interests that provide you with a security of your money. You don't need to hide your money or keep it safe from any theft.

Tenure of a Fixed Deposit Account

Taxes saving schemes introduced by the government have a lock-in period or tenure of particular years. The investors will enjoy the benefits provided by the banking/financial institutes. The rule of this lock-in period is that the investor cannot withdraw the amounts deposited by him in the Fixed Deposit Account. However, if times for emergency rise, they can withdraw their money but have to undergo some penalty charged by their banks.

The lock-in period or tenure of a Fixed Deposit account is for the time period of 5 years. This means that the investor cannot enjoy the flexibility in withdrawing for 5 years. However, some other FD schemes allow withdrawal of the deposited money by fining the investor with some penalties. This tenure can vary from different banking institutes, but you are advised to go on with these rules to keep yourself out of the radar of any penalty.

Features of a fixed deposit account

1. The timings of the tenure for a fixed deposit start from a minimum of 7 days to a long time period of 10 years. However, the lock-in period of a fixed deposit can vary across different banking institutes.

2. The investor enjoys the returns from the fixed deposit in fixed periods. These can be quarterly, monthly, or annually; these can either be chosen by the investor (if the bank allows them) or are only controlled by the bank.

3. Senior citizens have a slightly higher advantage in the tax savings scheme of Fixed Deposit. Compared to the regular investors of Fixed Deposits, the senior citizens get an interest rate of 0.5% higher than the introductory interest rates.

4. Withdrawals are strictly not allowed in the tax-saving Fixed Deposits account. Other FD accounts allow withdrawals by fining the withdrawer with penalties.

5. This tax-saving scheme is considered fully legal in the government's eyes as it enjoys the tax exemption certified under the laws of income tax.

6. The amounts earned by the investor in the form of interest can also be used for re-investments for the scheme's leftover tenure or lock-in period. For individuals who are not able to cope with the investments, there are specific loans available for the Fixed Deposits Account.

7. Your invested money is at the utmost security as it is kept under the care of the central bank of India, i.e., the Reserve Bank of India.

Advantages of a fixed deposit account

1. Flexibility

The investor enjoys flexibility in choosing the lock-in period or tenure for a fixed deposits account. According to one's convenience or ability to provide the investment, he can go with a minimum of 7 days to 10 years.

2. No maintenance

Every banking account requires maintenance for its continuity and proper working, but the Fixed Deposit Account does not take the precious time of the investor. The investor has to deposit the required amount and collect the lump sum at the end of the tenure.

3. Saving habits

A fixed deposits account develops a sense of savings in a person's life. Savings can work as a financial cushion for future money requirements. Once a person gets to pay for his savings, he binds himself with savings for his whole life.

Final thoughts

We hope that the above information was enough to clarify the aspects of a fixed deposits account and how it helps in the savings. Saving a little today will pay off as a lump sum amount in the future. This also allows the government to conduct a smooth working of the nation and provide the citizens with efficient resources.

You can, without any worries, opt for Fixed Deposits as your tax savings scheme. But you are advised to go on carefully with the task of choosing a banking institute. Your convenience and benefits like limits, interest rates, and everything depend on the bank you choose. The task of selecting the ideal banking institute can be challenging for many people. So we have the perfect tool for you for this purpose, i.e., the MoneySpring tool.

The MoneySpring tool can serve the best to advise you with the Fixed Deposits. Our experts can provide the best suggestions for schemes available in the market. You can calculate the outcomes of your chosen scheme and predict the loss of profits. The experts can provide you with the best tax-saving schemes offering attractive interest rates in return. You can invest in other tax saving schemes from MoneySpring like:



• Senior citizen saving schemes

• Life insurances

Almost every task related to banking and finances can be served with the best outcome from the MoneySpring tool.


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